Creating an ePortfolio

plan  Learn HOW – Plan

Before you begin to create an ePortfolio, it is important to identify the purpose of your ePortfolio and develop a plan for implementation.

Needs Analysis   The Needs Analysis resource is useful for working through the questions that need to be considered when planning your ePortfolio.

test-quiz   Use the checklist to ensure you have considered the key elements involved in planning your ePortfolio.

ePortfolio Platforms

Platform selection is an important aspect of ePortfolio planning.

10_questions_icon   To help choose the platform that best meets your needs, consider these questions.

Compare a selection of ePortfolio platforms based on your requirements.

See a brief overview of some of the ePortfolio platforms that are available.

ePortfolios in WordPress

The following videos will assist you in setting up your ePortfolio using the WordPress platform.

Setup of your ePortfolio
Our first post
Admin and privacy
Adding media
A post with files
Adding pages
A post with video
Adding a menu