Creating an ePortfolio

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When you are creating your ePortfolio, you will need to consider who you will be presenting your ePortfolio to. You may be submitting your ePortfolio as part of a course assessment, you may be sharing your work with your peers or you may be showing prospective employers your skills and achievements. This may result in several people viewing different aspects of your ePortfolio.

Digital Identity     Digital identity

Developing an online presence or digital identity is an important aspect to consider when creating an ePortfolio.

Watch the following videos to hear Catherine Cronin’s and Helen Beetham’s thoughts about digital identity.

employability     Employability

Listen to Liam Horan, Managing Director of Sli Nua Careers, talking about the use of ePortfolios in recruitment and selection.

Liam Horan, Sli Nua Careers

Sample-ePortfolios_alone        Sample ePortfolios